Welcome to EMF Inspect. Reaching a balance between healthy living and chronic exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is becoming more and more difficult in the 21st century. Evaluating living and work spaces to identify potentially harmful EMFs is a crucial step toward peace of mind or having the data needed to make informed decisions.

Why are EMFs dangerous?

With the proliferation of powerful, electromagnetic conveniences such as Wifi routers, cordless phones, cellular communications and all wireless devices, common sense continues to be left behind. Most of these have not been fully safety tested, yet they continue to be sold to consumers without proper warning labels and increasingly installed in schools, hospitals and everywhere without consideration.

All living organisms have evolved to function in the natural electromagnetic conditions of our planet. The cells of our bodies act as transceivers, operating at extremely low energy levels, emitting and receiving radiation in discrete frequency bands. They make use of wired and wireless communications between DNA via ultra-weak light signals, also referred to as bio-photons. The frequency characteristics and signal strength of man-made AC magnetic/electric fields including pulsed, digital radio frequency radiation interrupt these natural, bioelectric processes in our body causing stress and reducing our energy and vitality. More and more people are showing symptoms of over-exposure while scientific evidence continues to grow linking EMFs to disease.

The technology of today is amazing. Having the use of a computer and a communication device that fits into the pocket is a must to function in the modern world, and we couldn’t imagine living without the electricity to power our houses and appliances. However, the improper use of electricity or a pocket microwave device has the potential to cause harm.

What can we do?

Taking control of your space and reducing the daily exposure to you and you family could be as simple as utilizing timers and Ethernet cables, relocating sources, and making adjustments to your use of electric and electronic devices. After documenting the levels and identifying the sources of radiation we can create a prioritized plan to reduce and/or eliminate EMFs in your home or office. There could be many options to consider depending on the nature and locations of the sources.

I focus on:

  • Reducing exposures from wireless radiation sources
  • Identifying sources of high magnetic fields including home wiring errors
  • Lowering electrical field exposure in your sleeping and living areas
  • Measuring and reducing dirty electricity
  • Creating a low or no radiation sleep sanctuary


In addition to the negative biological effects of electropollution, I believe it restricts our ability to achieve spiritual clarity and true inner balance. By eliminating the man-made interference we can reach back to the way our bodies and minds are supposed to function and realize our fullest potentials. Avoiding toxic chemicals, eating organic foods, exercising and meditation are good places to start. Reducing exposure to electromagnetic radiation is just as important to promote overall health and well-being.


Richard P Hornor

RichardPersonal experiences of overexposure and development of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) led me to research for self preservation. I connected with the Institute for Building Biology and Ecology and built on my background in Information Technology to become a certified Building Biologist. It’s very rewarding to have the training and skills to help others improve their quality of life.

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist – EMRS
Environmental Consultant – BBEC
Building Biology® Certified

Currently I’m in the California, Central Coast area servicing San Jose to Santa Barbara.  I am open to traveling across the USA, Mexico and parts of Central America. Please contact me to discuss.